The Seasons of my Life

by torontogirlwest on June 5, 2015

Hello Friends:

Have you ever found that there are seasons to your life? I feel like that’s the kind of thing that’s reflected both in my daily goings on and in my blog writing.

There was a time when I was all about law school – getting through that epic time in my life consumed my every waking thought. There was a season where I was all about running and exploring my Rocky Mountain home. And well now I feel like I’ve stepped into yet another season . . . and it’s a good season.

This time in my life is full of peace, joy, love, and gratitude!

And what have I got to be grateful for? So very much . . . 


Road Trip Extravaganza

Elkwater Alberta

Recently, the Husband and I took a road trip to Medicine Hat, Alberta – some 13 hours away. The trip was planned specifically to pay a visit to my brother-in-law.

It was my first time visiting the far flung reaches of Alberta, and I was thrilled to discover just how beautiful the Prairies and Badlands could be!

Interracial Couple

The trip also gave my little family of three an opportunity to spend time together, away from the distractions or everyday life.

Lake Louise Alberta

In the process we also had the opportunity to retrace some of our old haunts from when we used to live by the Rocky Mountains. I’m happy to report that almost 3 1/2 years after we moved away, things are still as beautiful as ever!  <3

Our trip may have been quick but it definitely gave us a chance to unwind, and reconnect with what’s really important in life!


Friend Time in Van-City

Recently, I’ve also been blessed to have some great friends visit from Vancouver Island and Calgary. It was absolutely brilliant to get the chance to spend the weekend with Danielle (formerly of Labels are for Tin Cans), Susan (formerly of The Great Balancing Act), and Andrea (Never the Cool Nerd).

Friends in Pemberton

And in case you’re wondering, yes I do seem to have a lot of friends that are bloggers. It wasn’t done on purpose – it just happens that most of the bloggers I’ve met have turned out to be awesome people.

Fergie's Cafe

They’re always gung-ho for things like foodie adventures at some of the best local haunts.

Nairn Falls

Or random explorations at some seriously beautiful scenic spots (never mind that both my little dog Daisy, and Danielle lost their footings on the trail and nearly tumbled to the rapids below).

I honestly feel overwhelmingly blessed to have a solid group of friends who join me on adventures, and shenanigans! :)


That Healing Feeling

But by far one of the things I am most grateful for is how very far I have come in my physical recovery in this last while.

Lindeman Lake

I don’t think I ever really mentioned it but almost one year ago while driving to work, I was rear ended at a red light. I didn’t see it coming – all I knew was that my car lunged forward and I heard a loud noise. Once I realized what had happened, I noticed some subtle pain and tension on the left side of my neck.

Lindeman Lake

That subtle pain eventually became a lot worse. Since that day I have been under the care of a chiropractor. 

There have been ups and downs in my treatment. Everything was misaligned and for the longest time my long daily commutes were accompanied by an intense pressure at the base of my skull.

Lindeman Lake

My recovery was progressing exceedingly well but about the same time as my last entry, I had a serious set back. It was honestly frustrating and somewhat heartbreaking to be in pain, and to be told I had to severely limit my physical activities.

Log Bridge

A long time has now passed since that setback and I have to say I’m exceedingly grateful for my wonderful chiropractor, the power of prayer, and the help of my fantastic trainer at GoodLife Fitness

Those things have been my saving graces during a difficult time! Together they’re what have allowed me to return to my normal active self! Health is a precious and precarious thing my friends. And fitness is so much more about the weight on a scale or how many reps you can do. It’s about general wellness that allows you to live life to the fullest, and enjoy things like a hike on a beautiful summer day.

Despite the ups and down, I’m grateful and so very happy with where I find myself right now. And believe me, I take nothing for granted!

Disclaimer: This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Question: Have you ever had a setback in your wellness journey? How did you deal with it? 


Hola Friends!

How have you been? Are you enjoying Spring in your corner of the world or are you still covered in mounds of snow? And how about those new year’s resolutions – are they just memories at this point?

Obviously, a lot has happened since we last spoke! And I say that calls for a lately post! :)

Kaena Point Seal

Last time I wrote I was mere hours away from hoping on a plane again and heading to the sunny shores of Oahu. I was excited, and was hoping that we’d have a great time but I truly wasn’t prepared for how very much we would love this particular corner of Hawaii!!!

I will spend several entries with a proper recap of our time on the island but suffice it to say that I loved how much there was to do on Oahu! Which doesn’t mean we stayed in Honolulu or anywhere particularly touristy for that matter – we actually stayed in a very quiet and secluded vacation rental on the North Shore! And it was bliss!!! <3

From our home base near Sunset Beach we explored literally every corner of Oahu!! It was magical to discover beaches far away from the beaten path, monk seals lounging in the sun, delicious tropical eats, glorious vistas, and hikes that led to incredible viewpoints!!

Makapuu Point

It was actually during those hikes that I discovered that I am in so much better shape today than I was during my previous vacations! You see, on multiple occasions the Husband and I headed out on Oahu trails that were estimated to last hours – only to find that we absolutely smoked the predicted times to complete the hikes. This despite the fact that our Canadian-selfs were hiking in the full Hawaiian sun!!!! Realizing that all my early morning workouts at GoodLife Fitness were paying off was definitely one of the most memorable moments of the trip!!! :)  


As we were preparing to head back from Hawaii, I was admittedly fearful that we would be leaving tropical delights only to return to cold and grey Vancouver. But I need not have worried!!! :) In fact, for about a month now we have been having absolutely amazing weather. We’ve jumped headlong into Spring and I couldn’t be more thrilled!!! There’s just something about the lack of rain and darkness that brightens my days and lifts my spirits!! :)

Puppy in the wind

Of course, how could I do a catch-up post without telling you how happy we were to return home to our little fur baby! I missed Daisy something fierce while we were in Hawaii – everywhere we went we couldn’t help but note how much Daisy would love Oahu! Because seriously, my dog is all about digging in the sand and rolling on the beach at low-tide! Hawaii would be just her speed!! ;)

Centennial Beach Tsawwassen

Now that we’ve been back for a couple of weeks I’ve begun turning my mind to my next challenges and adventures – which is how I came about organizing another DietBet! We started March 4th and have 28 days to lose 4% of our individual body weight! I did another DietBet in the lead up to Hawaii and it was instrumental in getting me to vacation ready shape. As for this DietBet, I hope it’s a great jump-start for the summer version of me! :)

Disclaimer: This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Question: What exciting plans do you have for this month? Do you like to plan ahead and set goals into the future? Is that something that gives you something to look forward to?


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