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by torontogirlwest on September 7, 2012

Things have been kind of silent on the blog lately. And I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s become of me . . .

Niagara on the Lake

Have I fallen off the rails on my weight loss goals? Have I suddenly decided that I’m no longer going to blog? Am I feeling particularly sad and avoiding blogging?


The answer to all of the above is a resounding NO! In fact things are going just swimmingly in the Coastal Casa!

Bear Lake

I must confess, that my dwindling summer days have been filled with over abundant joy!

St. Mary's Lake

Most days are spent enjoying beautiful Vancouver (or wherever I happen to be)!

Sunset Stanley Park

And since I’ve bought a bike, my adventures have taken me further afield!

St. Eugene

All of this activity and joy has had the side effect of weight loss too (this week I lost 5 pounds!!), which makes me a very happy girl!

Lions Gate Bridge

And all along, I’ve been taking real pictures too . . . so I could share my adventures with you in blog posts!


So expect to see lots of new posts – as we return to our previously scheduled blogging!!!

Question: What is your favourite part of the end of summer? I have to admit I rather love the sunsets and slightly cooler nights during this time of year!

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