A Brutally Honest Review: Bistro 35

by torontogirlwest on February 27, 2014

There have been times in the past where I have discovered places that have absolutely wowed me. And selfishly, I confess, I’ve thought twice before telling the world about my discoveries. Mostly because for a moment, I wanted to keep them to myself.

Today’s review is about a restaurant that has consistently wowed me. And yet, I’m not keeping it a secret! Because Bistro 35 is a hidden gem that absolutely deserves to be discovered!!

Bistro 35

Bistro 35 is a cozy two story restaurant housed in the bustling Payal Plaza, in the heart of the Newton district of Surrey. When you walk in you’re promptly greeted by a bright and cheerful establishment with friendly and welcoming staff to match.

Bistro 35 Menu

The menu is surprisingly varied and diverse, full of dishes ranging from butter chicken to goat curry. During lunch the restaurant features fantastic lunch specials, and occasionally there are also take-out specials. Recently, Bistro 35 has been venturing into special events catering. Clearly, theirs is a kitchen that is adept at both intimate and large scale dining situations.

Chicken Tikka

My go-to dish at Bistro 35 is the chicken tikka. Usually, I’m not a fan of chicken at restaurants – and especially not chicken breast. So often, I find chicken dishes to be over cooked and under seasoned. Thankfully, my experience with chicken at Bistro 35 has been absolutely outstanding! The chicken tikka is always flavourful, oh so juicy, and comes served on a sizzling cast iron plate that subtly caramelizes the generous portion of vegetables that accompanies the dish.

Spicy sauce

And although, I have never tried the butter chicken, one of my best friends (who happens to be East Indian herself and an excellent cook) pronounces the butter chicken at Bistro 35 the best she has ever had!!! High praise indeed!! In fact, she loves the food at Bistro 35 so much that she regularly stops by for take-out, and raves to everyone she knows about the chicken.

Indian Sweets

Here’s the thing with Bistro 35 – if it was located in Vancouver it would most certainly have a line-up out the door! And so my advice to you is to head out to Surrey and enjoy a meal at Bistro 35 – it’s definitely worth the drive and then some!!!

Bottom Line? My dining experiences at Bistro 35 have been consistently outstanding!!! So much so that I consider Bistro 35 to be my favourite Indian restaurant in all of Vancouver! And yes, that means I love it more than a certain well-known place in South Granville!

Bistro 35 Indian Cuisine and Cafe on Urbanspoon


Question: Are you partial to Indian food? If so, what is your favourite dish? If not, would you consider trying Indian food?

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